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World Congress of Spiritualists Online Healing and Prayer Service

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It was a great thrill to be invited to represent Australia and the Canberra Spiritualist Association at a service of healing online with the World Congress of Spiritualists. It was heart lifting to listen to many from around the world and to share in prayer our hopes.

We were each asked to provide a prayer, inspiration, reading or poem and I include here my poem written for the event "After".

In homes, apartments, shanty towns, cities and rooms

The whole world retreated, a sense of impending doom

Yet mother nature continued her vibrant rhythm of life

Nonplussed, non fussed, bemused at humanity’s strife

Her winds cleared the air, her waters ran clean,

The animals visited places they had never been

The sun continued shining, the earth still turned,

The stars kept twinkling as humanity yearned

For a return to the past, the call to make it swift

Not recognising the opportunity - to pause…. and to shift

The whole wide world appeared set for collision

Yet God had in store a very different vision

Some look back at this time as great reckoning

Others understood the Divine Plan was beckoning

For in the quiet, the stillness and calm

Came the time for reflection and not for alarm

A great collective whisper was gathering pace

It was time to unite and live together in grace

Our souls cried out to STOP, just BREATHE

Be open to listening, and free to receive

For the Spirit world was drawing near

To remind us of the things prized most dear

To reconnect with that within us, our Spiritual core

To know what we need - is less, …and not more

Treasures of gold and glitz, trappings of wealth

Have no true value when compared to our health

Love and kindness, and service - our duty

To recognise that which holds - great spiritual beauty

The mountains, the oceans, the bird song so lyrical

Families and friendship, experiencing life - that is the miracle

Everything animated by the Spark of the Divine

All linked together, always entwined

A return to goodwill, a return to connection

To regard each other with love and affection

To each do our best in thought, word and deed

To see the Divine - no matter the creed

And so it came great celebrations of relief

Yet, for many there remained heartbreak and grief

For those who suffered deeply - for the losses they faced

Forevermore wrapped in the power of Spirit’s healing embrace

Never to be forgotten, their transition not in vain

Our change in direction was the gift of their pain

The year of our great spiritual shift - remembered as 2020

When we found the answers lay within and lessons were aplenty

We took a new path that followed the Divine Architect’s Plan

We finally stood for - and together - The Brotherhood of Man

A period in history which started a new chapter

When our Spirits remembered ……

Our happy ever after

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