A reading some 20 years ago from a wonderful medium was the catalyst for Sarah's Spiritual journey and development as a medium.  


Sarah is a clairsentient (clear feeling) medium, this means that loved ones who have passed over into the Spirit World communicate with her by inspiring her with feelings, memories, images and emotions that she is able to convey to her clients.  Through her psychic faculties she is also able to provide guidance about life.


Through communication with the Spirit World, Sarah seeks to provide you with evidence from your loved ones that their message is for you and that life is eternal.  It is her hope that this universal truth will resonate deeply within your Spirit and encourage you to live your truth knowing you too are eternal.


Sarah continuously strives to refine her own Spiritual understanding and mediumship and seeks to bring a greater understanding of the continuity of life to those around her.

Sarah has been serving the Canberra Spiritualist Association as a demonstrating medium for a number of years.  In August 2019, Sarah became the President of the CSA which she serves in a voluntary capacity.  


Sarah is available for private readings, psychic parties, and public demonstrations of mediumship. Sarah's greatest passion is sharing the joy of mediumship through tutoring other mediums through classes and weekend workshops.  Sarah is available for numerous online classes during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Due to the  number of people getting in touch with Sarah for  development advice and information about all things Spirit related, there are now  mini consultation available.  'Haveachat' with Sarah can be booked for 30 minute sessions.

Together with her husband, Julian Glover, Sarah runs At One Events hosting respected international mediums to Australia for week long retreats.