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The Divine Spark

Updated: May 4

Let me share with you my philosophy given at the Canberra Spiritualists Association in February 2023.

Whilst it is our first day back with the CSA family, for a number of us our gathering together today is a continuation of a number of reunions of mediums and seekers that have already occurred this year.

Julian and I had the great privilege of hosting 3 events in January with international mediums, Paul Jacobs and Biagio Tropeano, which included a 5 day residential mediumship week in rural NSW, a 3 day mediumship workshop in Melbourne and a demonstration of mediumship fundraiser for the Brunswick Spiritual Lyceum Church in Victoria.

Throughout these events we had the great privilege of being a part of the development of evidential mediums, some of whom are ‘old hands’ who we have watched with pleasure as they have made leaps and bounds in their connection to the world of Spirit throughout the years. There were those who, with some years under their belts - expected to do better. Others still, were first-timers, and we watched as they grappled with tests to their own beliefs and understanding, as they fought to be seen, crying out in their own way for recognition, and underneath it all needing healing of their own Spirits in order to be of service to Spirit.

Throughout the training, the ‘pain barrier’ was discussed many times, mediums learning to trust, to surrender, to be vulnerable, to put aside their egos and to accept being wrong. I know that whilst I spent numerous hours encouraging and consoling tearful mediums away from the classroom, that many more private tears of frustration would have spilt more discreetly. I say this not only as a witness to others but a long time participant on the winding path of life as a medium.

Little did our new students know that those who had come before them, could easily remember the terror of their first demonstration, the disappointment of appearing to fail at paired exercises, the self-doubt, the bruised egos and, at times, the pure confusion as they sought to convince both themselves and others of their abilities.

Mediums learning the difference between ‘a message’ and evidential mediumship. Not vague, open to interpretation - the recipient making it fit. Evidence, essence, relationship, and a meaningful message.

I delighted in watching those who were new to this particular training 6 years ago be able to stand with confidence, speak with authority and deliver the messages of Spirit with joy. For I could also recollect their first times and I savour in the difference. Each having tread the path of development with all its peaks and troughs, all the inner and outer work, all the excitement of messages acknowledged and all the times they had to get up, and dust themselves off after readings, demonstrations or classes that didn’t go to plan. How thrilling to see over time, years infact, initial confusion move to comprehension and mechanical application to second nature. Many of those same mediums are invited to serve the CSA as a result of their dedication and development.

Our training events were the first in person courses we have held since COVID and the passing of my Dad. At the great risk of being labelled a body snatcher, I was gifted numerous messages from my dad through both experienced and new mediums. Some so hilarious and so personal to my family that I had to whatsapp my mum and brothers to let them know that dad was having a whale of a time, attending the courses from the other side, and was giving many an opportunity to work with him whilst bringing me great support at the same time.

Of course I was on the receiving end of but a handful of messages from the hundreds that were delivered throughout the courses. Messages of support, of love, of memories, of apologies, messages of pride and messages of having arrived safely. I was witness to the messages delivered by Paul Jacobs and Biagio Tropeano to an audience of over 60 in Melbourne and as they delighted the crowd with the reunions of loved ones, I was struck by what I could only call disappointment that the audience wasn’t 6000, or 60 000.

What a waste I thought. Here we are experiencing the gift of mediumship, the ability to receive communications from those we love so dearly, how incredibly precious and how blessed we are to experience it. How I wished and continue to do so, that moments such as these were shared with so many more.

For these moments, lead us to know the truth of life after death (not believe, not hope, not trust in - TO KNOW).

And when we know this truth, we understand the greater truth of eternal life.

And when we comprehend the truth of eternal life, we come to know the greatest truth…

The existence of the Divine - the existence of God.

The core belief of the philosophy of Spiritualism is the acceptance of the Divine. The Fatherhood of God. This force, whatever name given to it, has created all there is and sustains all its creation. The Divine, God, Great Spirit - no matter the label, God exists within and around everything. God is within all of us.

Whether a divine spark, or a droplet of God, the same aspect of divinity that animates all of life, animates us.

Many of you know God of your own understanding and did not need a medium to introduce you. Whether you found God through other religions, life experience, trauma, tragedy, mystical or sacred personal experience, you may have found God in nature, art, music, science, the animal kingdom or just looking at the stars. Some have found their way back to God through Spiritualism and the 7 Principles having been damaged by dogma of various faiths. There are, indeed, many paths to God.

Silver Birch (the Spirit communicator through medium Maurice Barbanell) taught; “The Great Spirit is infinite and you are parts of the Great Spirit. We preach the gospel of the Spiritual brotherhood of all peoples, with the Great Spirit as the common Father.”

We are spiritual beings expressing ourselves through physical bodies and that the spirit is the supreme part of us. The spirit is that part of you which is divine. It is the self-same spirit which has created, devised and fashioned the whole universe. You have in embryo, in miniature, in microcosm, all the vast powers that belong to what you call God.

That same power which fashioned the universe is the power which is responsible for life. Life is not physical or material, life is spirit, and spirit is life. Wherever there is life there is spirit and wherever there is spirit there is life.

The power, which is you, is the power which is life and you have a kinship with the Great Spirit that enables you to participate in all the infinite processes of creation. You can call it up any time you so desire from the well of your own being -- the tremendous power of the spirit that is resident within you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the essence of God animates each and everyone of us.

Spiritualism and mediumship afford us the opportunity to experience the Divinity of the human soul and provides us the glimpse into the eternal nature of things. We are blessed to touch the Spirit world through our mediums and when we have genuine attunement we can experience the healing power of God through our healing mediums.

This light within you, your Spirit, does not require the gift of mediumship to shine, mediumship is but one expression of millions. It is no more important than another. The expression of your true nature, uniquely yours, can ignite the light, the knowledge and understanding of Spirit in others.

But first you must recognize yourself as part of the greater perfection, of your own spiritual magnificence, the essence of God within. Then your Godliness may manifest in ways that reminds others of theirs and give rise to their Souls’ recognition of their own divinity.

We each have a job to do, to be the hands through which God’s work is done. God is where you are.

Each of us have the capacity to be of service…the opportunities to be selfless, to assist others by providing basic practical needs:

Volunteering - doesn’t have to miraculous (serving a cup of tea)

Community groups


Careers (health, teachers, parenting, artists, scientists - the list is endless)..

All service is meaningful, all service is being the hands of God.

Giving without expectation.

Service before self will ultimately save the world.

No act of kindness goes unseen or unfelt.

When you consider the significance of what one meaningful, evidential mediumship message can do, how it has the capacity for the Soul of another to recognise its own true expression - then fellow mediums, doesn’t that make all your efforts worth it?

And for those who have been or will be on the receiving end of an evidential message, whether it brings you to tears or not, I hope you appreciate how many tears went into delivering it.

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1 Comment

Rose Ferguson
Rose Ferguson
Feb 26, 2023

What a beautiful, thought-out and sensitive post. Thank you Sarah! I have really enjoyed reading this. To hear about the trials, tribulations and tears behind the scenes of those striving to become mediums or mediums trying to develop their mediumship further, is touching and humbling. This post is a wonderful testament to the principles of spiritualism, it's gift of validation through mediumship that there is indeed, life after death, and the revelation that perseverance, humour and love shines through from our loved ones on the other side. You have given us insight into the self-doubt, the anguish of not getting it quite right, and disappointment that can occur whilst on the path to becoming a good medium and messenger, fo…


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