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Sarah Jeffery


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6b Umina Place, Jerrabomberra, NSW, 2619, Australia

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“ l am wanting to express our gratitude and appreciation for the recent visit of Sarah Jeffery to the South Auckland spiritualist church. Sarah graced us with her presence for a Mediumship demonstration evening and a two-day workshop, plus as the guest Platform Medium for our regular Sunday Service. Sarah's Mediumship demonstration evening left a lasting impression on all of us. She radiated a warm and inviting energy, captivating the room's vibrancy throughout the event. At South Auckland Spiritualist Church, we take pride in our commitment to evidential-based practices, extending from our classes and to our invited platform Mediums. Sarah's ability to find the contact in the audience was quick and her delivery of the information from the communicator in the Spirt world was nothing short of accurate and heartfelt. You may ask how I know this? I personally sought confirmation from the sitters in private after the event that the information to be true and accurate and that they didn't feel pressured to make the information fit, which many individuals do so as they are desperate to hear from loved ones or friends and family in Spirit. As the Church President, it is my paramount duty to safeguard the well-being of our members and visitors. Mediums possess the extraordinary ability to transtorm lives, particular those who may be vulnerable. Therefore, it is imperative that any Medium introduced to our congregation aligns with our guiding principles. I had the privilege of participating in Sarah's workshop, "Soulfully Speaking," and the experience can only be described as "extraordinary." Sarah's authenticity shone through as she shared a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, guided us on how to apply it. She tailored her teachings to everyone, avoiding a one-size-fits- all approach. Sarah's approachability and soothing presence instilled confidence and provided the essential support that every developing medium requires. Following the conclusion of the workshop, a mere hour and a half later, Sarah graciously assumed the role of our invited Platform Medium for our Sunday Service. Despite two intense days of teaching, the formidable challenges of a transcontinental journey from Australia, and the added complication of a time zone shift due to daylight savings, Sarah displayed incredible resilience. Her remarkable reading and address resonated deeply with our audience, and her brilliant mediumship demonstration left everyone in awe. Our doors will always remain open to Sarah. Her dedication and exceptional efforts exceeded our expectations in every way. We extend our heartfelt thankyou to Sarah for her invaluable contributions.  It is important to note that sarah aid not request or suggest this testmonial. This endorsement is entirely of my own volition, and I assure you that I do not write such commendations without careful consideration and scrutiny. (SASC Pres)"

John Bolstad, Auckland, NZ

Sarah is truly gifted with her ability to read what is happening in your life. She is so positive in her approach and she just tells it as she sees it. I definitely recommend Sarah to see as she will give you a total new approach to what is happening in your life at the time."

Chris C, Canberra

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