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Love....if you've ever welcomed a baby into your life (directly or indirectly) you'll know the anticipation and love for that little Soul before they have even arrived. At the other end of the life spectrum, there is nothing quite like the impending passing of a loved one to bring a keen focus back to the important things of life.

Of course, most of us know Pavlov's hierarchy of needs and there is no argument that we all need food, water, shelter and safety for survival. Beyond mere survival, however, any chance of thriving is dependent on love.

The main message that is repeated over and over from the world of Spirit is the eternal nature of love. Why would the Spirit world bother to communicate with us, if not for the driving force of love? Quite often, those who failed to express their love effectively whilst incarnate go to great lengths to demonstrate that love once they have crossed the veil.

We can make it a lot easier on ourselves, our friends and our families if we can express our love to each other in the here and the now. It'll save a lot of complications trying to find a good medium from the other side.

Our Spirits also call to us to have a love of life - not to be mistaken for a love-life (although that is nice too). We shouldn't confuse that love of life with the unrealistic desire to be happy all the time - a pressure that none of us need to add to our somewhat chaotic lifestyles.

Personally, 2019 has been a year of challenges. The gift of those challenges is a sharp refocussing of what is important to me which are pretty easily summed up as family, friends and working for the Spirit world. So, with this in mind, I have made some significant decisions for 2020 and am letting go of my safe, secure but ultimately not passion inspiring day job. Am I nervous? Absolutely. Am I excited? Totally. My Spirit is calling me to do what I love and that is working for Spirit in a full-time capacity.

I hope 2020 brings everyone enough of a gentle push to inspire living a life that is guided by love.

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